Confessions of a Full-Time Working Mom

Me as my best self…

This is the boss lady I want to feel like everyday, all day. She is beaming with confidence, more organized than Marie Kondo, always on time (if not 5 mins early), and she’s a cool, calm and collected leader like Barack Obama back in 09! Lol! But most importantly, she’s a mother who knows how to leave work at work and how to be truly present when she’s home with her family (I’m talking personal and work phone off, emails on do not disturb!) … I love this woman!!! I obsess over her sometimes because all I really want is to be like her every day, all day!! Because in all reality, I only see glimpses, bits and pieces of her through out my work week…I’ve learned fairly quickly (and harshly) that it’s not easy to be like her…But, you know what? I still try! And I accept that despite trying my best, sometimes “my best” is missed deadlines, or running 5 minutes late for an important meeting, or leaving a desk full of work because I need to race across town to get a sick baby. I accept that sometimes, even after hours of work, “my best” is simply adding even more items to a never ending, ridiculously ambitious “To Do List.” Why? Because this is the real life of a working mother, or at least this is my version of it. I strive for my best self, but sometimes, I fall short…But still, I’ll continue to keep this image at the forefront of my mind, even if I can only be like her a few moments a day, or a few times a week. This wifemomboss will take that as a win and keep on pushing to do better! This is me as my best self, she is who I strive to be, she is my #goals ….

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